Rajiv Gandhi Vidya Gold Awarded School in Hydrabad


We designed spacious and adequately ventilated classroom which are well equipped with the teaching aids in all the subjects. For abstract chapters in Nature, Children taken to Audio visual lab where they learn these concepts with the help of education through READ MORE


Physical exercise is an important component of a growing child. It makes them active and also entertains them. Sport and Games are given great importance in Brilliant where all the categories of games are played at district level bring laurels with many prizes. READ MORE


At Little Birds High School, we constantly try and provide quality education to our students as comfortable as possible. Seeing the dismal state of traffic congestion in the city, the Little Birds High School is taking care of the students’ needs with own exclusive transport facility.READ MORE


Little Birds High School, a school based in Montessori curriculum is run by the Om Educational Society. Little Birds High School aims to educate children towards freedom through creativity, play, self activity, assistance group activity unique method of reading and writing.

                Learning through Little Birds High School curriculum is comprehensive in its understanding of the growth of a child into an adult. The focus is to create a non competitive environment where children learn as naturally as birds fly. The system of education is designed to maximize the development of children’s potential by providing complete academic knowledge and skills, moral values, social and physical skills. All activities are appropriated to the student development stages and well rounded education is offered. We believe that the success of an educational institution should be measured by the value it deals to each individual. The school endeavors to prepare each student for academic social and personal success.