Sports & Games

Physical exercise is an important component of a growing child. It makes them active and also entertains them. Sport and Games are given great importance in Little Birds High School where all the categories of games are played at district level bring laurels with many prizes.

Taekwondo, badminton, cricket, throw ball, foot ball, basket ball, volleyball, kabbadi, kho kho students play regularly. Yoga and regular exercises for physical fitness are given lot of importance. Many indoor games are conducted like carroms, table tennis, memory games and chess.



At Little Birds High School, we constantly try and provide quality education to our students as comfortable as possible. Seeing the dismal state of traffic congestion in the city, the Little Birds High School is taking care of the students’ needs with own exclusive transport facility.

 The buses have fulfilled the requisite of Government regulation standards. A well equipped first aid box is kept handy on the buses. The bus attenders take care of the seating arrangement for the children. Trained drivers drive the buses on their respective routes


What else could be richer for a student with the thirst for knowledge? Obviously it is the Library which provides a wealth of information. A well-equipped library is like a well-equipped gym to YOUNG MINDS. The more your make use of it, the smarter and mentally fit you become.

The in house library also subscribes to leading national dailies and journals. Further there is an audio and video collection that can be used for classroom purposes


We designed spacious and adequately ventilated classroom which are well equipped with the teaching aids in all the subjects. For abstract chapters in Nature, Children and taken to Audio visual lab where they learn these concepts with the help of education through LCD projector, Internal and are at times taken to field trips.