The school feels responsible and is committed to contribute to the welfare of the students in the local community. As India is still a developing nation we have children with great potential to excel in academics but not able to realize their potential due to financial constraints. We adopt such children and provide financial aid for them so that they can excel in academics. The lack of financial resources often stifles their potential to excel in academics. A scholarship which is an assurance of financial aid will help them prosper without any hurdles. We have awarded such scholarships to 10 students every year and these students have completed their education and holding highly reputable posts.

⦁ Mrs. Leela Reddy (IND) – 5 Students every year
⦁ Pallavi Pyreddy     (US)  – 3 Students every year
⦁ Pavan Pyreddy     (US)  – 1 Student every year
⦁ Hari Maddur          (US)  – 1 Student every year


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